Three Ways to Use Paint to Modernize Your Homes Exterior

There are many different ways you can modernize the exterior of your home. Whether you decide to paint the entire house or just the siding, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a color.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are perfect for highlighting your home’s exterior. These neutrals are a timeless choice for homeowners looking to update their homes, and they are also the perfect choice for resale.

Gray is one of the most popular exterior house colors, and it works well with virtually any color scheme. If you’re a fan of rich grays, try Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, which has a darker tone than Peppercorn and Tricorn Black.

Another great neutral is Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. This off-white shade is warm and classic. It’s a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a modern flair to their homes.

If you’re thinking of a bold color on your home’s exterior, consider Newburyport Blue. It’s part of Benjamin Moore’s Historic Colors Collection. This light-blue color pairs well with contrasting accents.

Another good choice for an accent color is a light-blue or green. This hue can be used to draw attention to your front door and shutters, but can also work with other elements of your exterior.

Bright colors

Investing in the right color can boost your home’s curb appeal and help it sell. But what color should you choose? Here are some popular exterior paint colors.

It’s easy to get carried away with colors, but choosing the right one can be a big design decision. The key is to use the most appropriate hues for your location and your needs.

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For instance, if you’re building a beachside home, you’ll want to consider a bright blue or rich chocolate brown. But if you live in an arid climate, you’ll probably do well with a warm sepia tone.

For the best possible effect, you should also consider pairing a bright color with a complementary dark hue. This will add depth and dimension to your home’s facade.

The same holds true for an accent hue. An accent color on your front door, shutters or windows can really set the tone for the rest of your home’s exterior. But it’s important to note that a dark color can be a turnoff for potential buyers.

Stone veneer

The exterior of your home can be a beautiful place to live and work. But choosing the right color scheme can be tricky. Here are three ways to use paint to modernize your homes exterior.

First, think about the front door. A stained, wood door is the best way to go if you’re going with an earthy, brown color palette. Then, consider adding black trim or railings to the design. The contrast will make it stand out.

Second, look at your siding. If you’re building a house with stone veneer, the color you choose will need to compliment it. You don’t want the color to blend in with the muddy colors of your stone. Depending on your budget, you can have a lot of fun with stone and siding.

The stone and siding combination can be a stunning sight. However, this combination can be expensive. So, you should pick your siding and stone colors at the same time.

You may be able to match the color of stone veneer to your vinyl siding. But you’re unlikely to be able to match the stone itself.